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MTV-SFNet 2.0
Data store of TIP motes(MAXFOR WSN Motes)
by serial communication, TCP or UDP
Remote control support
Oracle, MS-SQL, MY-SQL Database support
General socket communication support
Installation Environment : Win32

  • Applications
    • 대기 환경 모니터링
    • 수질 환경 모니터링
    • 바이오 센서 네트워크 시스템
    • 소방 방재 모니터링
    • 건설 환경 모니터링 
  • Specification




 Server OS
 - Microsoft Windows XP
 - Microsoft Windows Vista
 - Microsoft Windows server 2003
 - Microsoft Windows server 2008

 - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Professional edition over Oracle database 10g over
 - MySQL database 5.0 over
 Server H/W  - CPU : Pentium 4 over CPU(including AMD of same specification)
 - Memory : 2GB over
 - Disk space : 10GB over
 - Network : 10/100Mbps
 Serial communication  COM1 ~ COM256 port 
 TCP/IP communication
 Support events socket communication way, IOCP socket communication  
 UDP Support datagram socket communication way 

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