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Built-in wireless communication node
for MAXFOR communication devices
Backup battery for up to 24 hours of operation
Easy-to-read backlit graphic LCD
Built-in audible and visual alarms
Stainless-steel enclosure

  • Applications
    • Drilling rigs
    • Petrochemical plants
    • Tank farms
    • Shipyard and maritime
    • Steel mills
    • Industrial safety
  • Accessory
    • Controller with wireless node
    • Built-in rechargeable backup battery
    • Wall mounting plate
    • Resource CD
    • 1GB SD memory card
    • Quick reference guide
    • Extension antenna (optional)
  • Specification




 Communication  2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 / Mesh radio Wireless Detectors Supports up to 30 remote detectors  
 Display  4.3 inch 480 272 RGB TFT LCD  
 Data logging  SD card (1GB)  
 Audible alarm  95dB@30cm  
 Visual alarm  Super-bright red LED with enclosed cover  
 Keypad  TFT Touch screen  
 Housing  Housing Stainless steel  
 Power  85V to 264V AC Free voltage  
 Battery  Rechargeable lead-acid battery 12V 7A 12 hours (for backup)  
 Environment  -20 to +55C, 0% to 95% relative humidity   

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